Pacific Education Support Service

(associated with National Education Support Service)

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- Support with Standards Based Education
- Standards Development and Assessment
- Math, Reading, and Writing Focus Programs
- Technology Training for Students and Staff
- High School Graduation Qualifying Exam Lessons
- Alaska State Standard Lessons (NESS)
- Short and Long Term Substitues

Teacher Resources

- State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
- Alaska Teacher Placement
- Alaska Staff Development
- Alaska Teacher Newsletter
- National Education Support Service

References - School Districts

Lake & Peninisula School District  
Lower Yukon School District
Kuspuk School District         
Alaska Gateway School District   
Kake City School District       
Nome City School District      
Bering Strait School District   
Wrangell School District         
Dunseith School District, ND      
Chugach School District    
-Steve Atwater/Jim LeClair/Ty Mase
-John Lamont/David Herbert/Alex Russin
-Kim Langdon/Peggy Wolfe
-Scott MacManus
-Eric Gebhart/Mark Mcalister
-Stan Luan/Jon Wehde
-Greg Johnson/Rick Holt
-Therese Ashton
-Lana DeCouteau
- Bob Crumley

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